Saturday, 13 September 2014

Beautiful Coffee And Tea

 Coffee and tea use have become very popular in the UK and mainland Europe over the last 100 years. In most countries, on the Continent, coffee is the norm. The UK is the exception with mostly tea consumption.
 Coffee is grown throughout Africa and South America. In Europe Turkey is a coffee producing nation. There are a lot of  coffees which are 'bred' or grown in soils in parts of the world different to where they originated. For example Peaberry which was originally grown in Kenya is, now, being grown in Nicaragua. Coffee producers 'breed' according to the taste of the eventual retail customer.
   There are coffee blending companies who are very familiar with the tastes and demand of their customers. One such company is The Algerian Coffee Company in Soho in London. At one time there were a lot of such companies in this area.
    As time has gone on people have developed many different ways in which to prepare their coffee or have it prepared. There was a time when people prepared their coffee at home and took it to work, with them, in a flask. This method was fine in the '70s when instant coffees were trending. However today's generation want to be able to taste their coffee fresh. There is no better way to do this than go to the coffee bar, during their coffee break, and buy it straight from the barista.
    Many companies are competing for our custom. At the top of the strength range we have companies such as Nero selling Italian style coffee. At the other end of the range is Starbucks with their 'Americanised' coffee. Now there are even companies which make it possible to have coffee bar style coffee without leaving the comfort of your home or your office.
   One such company is uSario. Their franchisees market coffees to companies and householders. Now we have taken the coffee revolution one step further.  They supply barista coffee and flavoured teas at amazing prices. Once you have tasted uSarios products at their incredible prices you will never leave your desk to go for coffee. There are many types of coffee available. There are also a few tea products including red bush tea.
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